Rene Campbell




We’re lucky here at fitvids…

We were blown away by the mind-boggling muscles of Rene Campbell, just before her first pro show.

In the following videos Rene shows off her truly huge muscles and veins and is in awesome ripped shape.

Watch Rene as she pumps and poses – pumped and oiled to the max!!!

There are four parts to the videos and these videos will be available here at fitvids, for a limited time only (in this form)

All videos as always are in .wmv format in 1080p HD and delivered in a .zip file straight to your inbox after payment processing.

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Rene Campbell Contest Ready Part 1


Rene Campbell Contest Ready Part 2


Rene Campbell Contest Ready Part 3


Rene Campbell Contest Ready Part 4


A few more higher res stills…


rene_p4_3 rene_p4_2 rene_p4_1 rene_p3_2 rene_p3_1 rene_p2_2 rene_p2_1 rene_p1_2 rene_p1_1


We were lucky enough to shoot again with Rene Campbell – and we caught up with her just three weeks before her pro debut in the US.


Here we have an extended preview of one of Rene’s pumping sessions.


The rest of the footage and the full extended version of the files will be available online via her own website @


in her very own members section which will be coming soon.


But for now , we have our very own fitvids exclusive and we are able to bring you some truly awesome and inspiring, sexy footage of Rene, fully pumped.


Fans of super muscular brunettes, need look no further!


the video is available in HD .wmv format, delivered to your inbox in .zip folder after payment processing ;0 enjoy


Rene Campbell – Extended Preview


rene campbell net extendedrene campbell net extended5rene campbell net extended 4rene campbell net extended


Straight from the edit room with have brand new and the for the 1st time on fitvids, the wonderfull bodybuilder Rene Campbell!

Rene is competing very soon and we caught up with her as she trains.

Check out the videos – Rene looks awesome and buff! 




As always our videos are in HD .wmv format delivered in a .zip folder – instant download link to your email after payment processing.

Rene Campbell Part 1



Rene Campbell Part 2


Rene Campbell Part 3



Rene Campbell Part 4


Rene Campbell Real Time



Rene Campbell Photo Set!!!

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_MG_2301 copy

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