Kim Perez Bundle 1




All our Kim Perez coverage now in one place…

Available as two awesome bundle packs…

Included in Bundle 1 is the remastered photo set from 2012. Available for the first time in colour!!!

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It’s here!!!

Kim Perez comes to fitvids, with some truly phenomenal footage.

Insane and beautfiul muscularity with the best striations and upper body mass we’ve ever seen!

There are 3 Kim clips (not counting some of the previews we have)

Kim Perez Part 1 – Shows Kim Showing off her bodybuilder physique in the bathroom mirror, getting pumped up and warmed up before the main photoshoot.

(as usual in HD .wmv format – 5 mins long- instant download after payment processing)

Kim Perez Part 2 …

Kim shows off more of her incredible physique in between shooting for us. Some great chest, arm and ab poses for everyone to enjoy.

(as usual in HD .wmv format – 6.40 mins long- instant download after payment processing)

And finally, for those who just can’t get enough, we have some real-time footage of Kim during her photoshoot with our photographer.

Some great posing and candid views during the shoot.

We were so impressed when we got back the footage from some of the material gathered at the Arnold that we thought we’d post even some of the stuff we wouldn’t normally post, but hell it’s Kim Perez, looking absolutely incredible backstage at this years Arnold Classic, Ms International.

So we’ve posted two clips, both very short, but both very watchable.

We’re just going through a tonne of content right now, and expect imminent updates, but for now, enjoy!

Part 1 (as usual HD, only 1.30 min long)

Part 2 is also very short (about 25 seconds, but well worth it!)