Kim Buck




Well, fans of the sport need not be introduced to Kim Buck, a phenomenal physique if we’ve ever seen one.

We were privileged enough to spend some time with Kim during her competing at the Arnold’s at the beginning of March.

As usual, our photographer didn’t listen to a word I said and came back with some footage much better than I could have expected or imagined.

The female bodybuilder Kim Buck – courtesy of us here at fit vids… we do hope you enjoy the clips, they are among the best we’ve ever seen, together with our Kim Perez coverage.

We’re really proud to feature these wonderful athletes on our little UK site!

We’ve added The Kim Buck Real-Time Bundle Pack in as an option too (saving those real-time lovers a little bit of cash)

All clips as per usual are in HD / .wmv format and delivered electronically after payment processing.

Those using google checkout, please check you have the same contact email on your checkout page than you use normally, otherwise you won’t receive the instructions properly.

Right then, here goes…

Kim Buck Part 1

Part 1 is 5 Mins long

Kim Buck – Part 2

Kim buck part 2 is 13 mins long and features some awesome posing and walking!

And then we have some really nice, real-time clips for you guys to enjoy…

(a little bit grainy at times, but mostly good!)

Kim Buck Real-Time Part 1 

10 mins long

 Kim Buck Real-Time Part 2

9 mins long

Kim Buck Real-Time Part 3

11 mins long

Real-time bundle pack

(all three real-time clips)

And Finally…

The Kim Buck Photo Set!!!!!!!

The Set contains 152 incredible pictures – samples below…

(photos in jpeg format delivered in .zip file)