Johanna Koskinen




Johanna Koskinen is here! Female fitness phenom Johanna, who already has quite a fan base is here at at last.

We interviewed Johanna Koskinen some time ago and now we finally get to see the fitness and figure superstar in some action.

Featuring some gym workout, pumping and posing videos as well as Johanna showing off her pumped-up muscles in some photo shoots and some behind the scenes real-time clips as well.

(all clips now delivered in .zip folders for easier downloading)

Johanna Works out in the Gym Part 1


Johanna Works out in the Gym Part 2

Then footage of Joahnna’s photoshoot…

Johanna Real-Time posing part 1


And Johanna Real Time Photo Posing Part 2

And Finally, Johanna’s photo set… (100 + images)