Alex Mossbarger5

Alex Mossbarger

Alex Mossbarger Part 1 Alex Mossbarger Part 2 Alex Mossbarger Part 3 Alex Mossbarger Part 4 Alex Mossbarger Part 5 All clips are now…

claudete santana part2

Claudete Santana

Claudete Santana arrives at… Footage provided (via Matt) by Claudete herself (including her buff pal in the gym!) So we have four clips…

justine viertag trailer7_ct

Justine Vierdag

Justine Vierdag! (formerly Aneslone) Returns to fitvids for 8 new awesome videos. Pumping up in the gym! Justine Vierdag Part 1 Justine Vierdag Part…

kirby mckenzie trailer

Kerby McKenzie

Kerby Mckenzie Part 1 Kerby Mckenzie Part 2 Kerby Mckenzie Part 3 Kerby Mckenzie Part 4 Kerby Mckenzie Part 5 Kerby Mckenzie Part 6…


Samara Buckler 3 & 4

Brand new Samara Buckler clips, hot from the lady herself. If you love some serious sweaty gym action then this is for you! Awesome…

chloe sannito 2016 part4

Chloe Sannito 2016 Session 1

Chloe Sannito 2016 Session 1 Part 1 Chloe Sannito 2016 Session 1 Part 2 Chloe Sannito 2016 Session 1 Part 3 Chloe Sannito 2016…


Samara Buckler

The incredible Samara Buckler! Thanks to Matt and Samara, who have provided these clips for us. Samara is just 18 years old in these…



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SK oiled_1 copy

Suzy Kellner

We somehow lost these in the matrix for a while… Always been available in the members section, but now our Suzy Kellner bundle is…


Members Area Update

Tabitha Borland Donna Murphy Session 2 Jessica Wilcox Corinne Ingman Session 2 Cris Goy Arellano Renata Hronova Rosie Harte 2015 Session 2 Arnolds Europe…