Theresa Ivancik – Arms!!!!

Theresa Ivancik stuns us with some incredible arm workout footage! This footage has been provided directly by the athlete – all funds serve to…


Jaquita Person-Taylor ‘In the gym’

Jaquita has sent us all new gym based workout clips – she’s looking seriously buff! Jaquita Person-Taylor ‘In the gym’ Part 1 Jaquita Person-Taylor…


Gilberia Cunha

Gilberia Cunha Part 1 Gilberia Cunha Part 2 Gilberia Cunha Part 3 Gilberia Cunha Part 4 Gilberia Cunha Part 5 Gilberia Cunha Part 6


Charlene Harvey

Fresh from her win at the UKBFF Midlands – Charlene Harvey Gym workout! Charlene Harvey Part 1 Charlene Harvey Part 2 Charlene Harvey Part…